Stefan Haselhoff.

Voice. Performance Skills.
Vocal training. Speech Techniques.

From Belcanto
to Belting
from effective speech to a professional appearance
Stefan Haselhoff

About me.

Stefan Haselhoff was born in Germany and completed his college education as a singer, narrator and (concert) pianist at the colleges of Freiburg and Detmold.

At the theatres of Stuttgart, Wiesbaden, Mannheim, Coburg, Heilbronn and Freiburg he successfully artistically participated in various fields/areas:

Stefan lives in Basel since 2008 with his family, working as a free-lancing (oder self-employed) singing teacher, vocal coach and expert in speech and performance skills. His experience includes working with the leadership stages of prestigious companies.

My field of competence.

Education and further training of professional singers, role study and preparation for auditions and entrance exams.

Supporting individuals, groups and company teams with preparing for an effective/efficient performance.

Development of the own speaking voice.

Funding and supervising/supporting of singers in secondary occupation or vocal/singing enthusiasts.

Individual or group-coaching of singers as in choirs or ensembles.

singing and speech lessons to support the vocal development of musicians, teachers and everyone who wants to use their voice efficiently.

Seminars and lectures on "Our personal business card, the voice".

Basic workshops and masterclasses

Piano accompaniment in all areas (concerts, recitals, galas, weddings, funerals etc.).

Ongoing projects.



If you’re interested in my work, contact me at:
+41 76 424 07 62